Soldering Kit - SOLD OUT :(


If you do not know how to solder, check out this great guide from my friends at Adafruit!

I designed this kit with Mr. Blinky Bling to be easy for beginners. It has a solid copper mid plane to help take away heat. The LEDs are marked three different ways on the board so you can be sure you are inserting the LED the correct direction. The flat side of the LED is screened on the board as well as a + and -, lastly their is a short line and a long line to indicate which lead goes in which hole!

Lets get started! :)

1. Insert the resistor in the resistor spot. It does not matter which way it goes, resistors are not polarized.

2. Solder the resistor and cut the leads

3. Insert the 4 amber LEDs into the 4 corners. (LEDs without the RED fingernail polish on them)

4. Solder these LEDs and cut the leads

5. Insert the 1 red LED in the heart (this is the one with the red nail polish)

6. Solder the LED and cut the leads

7. Insert the battery holder – make sure it faces the correct direction, you need to be able to inset the battery from the bottom of the kit.

8. Solder the battery holder – from the same side you soldered all the other parts!

9. Insert the battery and enjoy!