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Blue Team Village CTF

Hack the Clown CoOp Corporation inc. Atlantic City wig factory

This CTF is more of a real life hacking challenge than your typical CTF.


Find the secret business files on one of the computers in the CCC incorporated's network, ex-filtrate them and get them to BiaSciLab. Use @BiaHakLab twitter DM's or find BiaSciLab at the conference.


No physical attacks (plugging in network cables, opening the CTF case etc.) You are "In the parking lot" attacking through the WiFi.

Once you are in the network, find the files and get out! You don't know what kind of IDS / IPS CCC inc. is running, if the security team catches you, you are out!

Have Fun!


The challenge for me is to see if I can build a small business network secure enough to keep real hackers out! If you get in, you have to show me how so I can improve the security for the next CTF!


Sweet HAK5 gear: Wifi Pineapple Nano, Packet Squirrel, USB Rubber Ducky and LAN Turtle. Also a special Blue Team Village Swag Bag!

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Blue Team Village, DEFCON27

Blue Team Village is a defense focused village within DEFCON. This CTF will run within the village during village hours.