Past Talks

BSides Delaware 2018

I taught a Wireshark, and Scratch programming class at Spawn Camp. Spawn Camp is the kids track at BSides DE and is a lot of fun! (no recordings of Spawn Camp talks - Sorry!)

Past Talks

DEFCON 26 BioHacking Village

August 11, 2018, 10:00, Bio Hacking Village

"WaterBot - The hackable plant bot"

The WaterBot is designed to dispense liquid (water, plant food, MS  Media) and report how much and when it was administered. Designed,  engineered and programed by 11 yr. old BiaSciLab, the WaterBot is open  source and scaleable. Come see how you can hack it to help hack your  plants!

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DEFCON 26 r00tz Asylum

August 10, 2018, 11:45, R00TZ Asylum

"PacketMon - Gotta Capture 'em all"

Introduction to networks, packet capturing and wireshark. Learn one of the most important networking and hacking skills; capturing and reading network packets. 

My talk starts at the 25 min. mark

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H.O.P.E. 12

July 21, 2018

"Inspiring the Next Next Generation of Hackers"

Want to get started in the world of hacking but don’t know how? How do  you inspire your kids to begin looking at things like a hacker? When  should you start? What should you do? Eleven-year-old old hacker  BiaSciLab and 14-year-old Kousei will answer these questions and more as  they set adults at ease with bringing their kids into the hacker world.  They will explain how they started their journeys, where they are  planning to go, and how to get there. This talk will also have lots of  great tips for adults starting out too.

Internet Society Video

BSides Delaware 2017

Sending ciphered messages to your friends that the teacher can’t figure out!

This kid friendly lab and talk starts with a quick history of ciphers. Covering the classic substitution cyphers and why they are poor choices for messaging. Then moving into some simple methods to create complex ciphers. It ends with constructing a Pringles Enigma or Paper Enigma that the participants get to take home!

Note: Some math will be happening, so bring your smartphones or calculators!

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DEFCON 25 r00tz Asylum

Video Interview with other young hackers

BiaSciLab interviews Niko and kids at r00tz asylum, the kids mini-con inside DEFCON. (sorry for the bad audio!)


r00tz Day - Newark Museum

Article about the r00tz day I helped host at the Newark Museum in NJ. I also gave 3 talks on lockpicking and taught kids how to pick locks!

DC201 Article