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TechGirlz assistant teacher

I'll be helping out with this exciting class on computer simulations with my friends at TechGirlz. Sign up and join me!

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TechGirlz Franklin Institute

My friends at TechGirlz will be at the Philadelphia Science Carnival on May 4th with a sidewalk set up. I'll be showing people the parts of a computer to help demystify the magic inside the box! Stop by and say 'Hi!'

:EMOTI-CON 2019!: Judge

I will be judging the ground breaking projects at Emoti-Con in New York City. Emoti-Con is a showcase for young  designers, makers, and technologists, who believe in digital innovation as a tool for positive change in the world.

Emoti-Con Website


Current Projects


Coming Soon!

- High Altitude Balloon

- WaterBot Upgrade


Past Projects


Coming Soon!

- Oxalis Stricta

- WaterBot

Past Talks


Links and recordings of past talks.

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Links to articles and videos that I appear in.

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Bia Hak Lab

Bia hack lab logo

This is where you can find all my hacking projects!

Bia Hak Lab


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