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Girls Who Hack

I started Girls Who Hack to teach the skills of hacking to other girls so that they can change the future. Because I find hacking exciting, fun and challenging I decided to share my knowledge with others.


For just $5 you get three Girls Who Hack stickers. Jump over and check out the site and order yours today!

Girls Who Hack Site

Upcoming Events


Congressional Hearing on Election Security

My work from the DEFCON 26 r00tz Asylum is being highlighted at the congressional hearing on election security. I am honored to be a guest at this hearing.

Hearing Live Stream

Youth Conference of Network Defenders

I will be doing a talk on web pentesting for this event.

Details coming soon!

Y-CND Site

DEFCON 27 Blue Team Village CTF

My "real life" CTF will be featured in the Blue Team Village at this years DEFCON.

CTF Details at Bia Hak Lab

BSides DC Training Class

I will be doing an intense 3 hour class for the Crypt-Kids mini-con within BSides DC.

Details coming soon! 

Bsides DC


Current Projects


Coming Soon!

- High Altitude Balloon

- WaterBot Upgrade


Past Projects


Coming Soon!

- Oxalis Stricta

- WaterBot

Past Talks


Links and recordings of past talks.

Past Talks

Media Appearences


Links to articles and videos that I appear in.

Media Appearences

Bia Hak Lab

Bia hack lab logo

This is where you can find all my hacking projects!

Bia Hak Lab


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