Media Appearances

DefCamp Interview


In preparation for DefCamp 10, Romania. The media team interviewed me about hacking, election security and Girls Who Hack.

Security Innovations Blog Post


After the March Hackness event, Security Innovations interviewed my on the event and my other projects. They also made this cute avatar for me! Philly Article

image24 Philly wrote a great article on my after the "Brave Not Perfect" event in Philadelphia. Brave Not Perfect is a book by Reshma Saujani, the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code. The book talks about how women should be brave and take risks.

Media Appearances

Blue State Daily


Matthew Sultan's report on the election hacking at DEFCON 26.

Cisco Blog Post


Cisco’s Marc Blackmer takes us through some of the highlights and his observations from the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences, including some strides made on higher numbers for women in cyber. Blog post on my WaterBot

image27 wrote a blog post on how I used scrum to manage my WaterBot project.

BBC Tech article and video


Dave Lee, BBC Technology reporter did a nice article and video on the r00tz Asylum election hacking at DEFCON 26 

The New Yorker

Sue Halpern piece on the election hacking at DEFCON 26.

Sue Halpern piece on the election hacking at DEFCON 26.

Hearst media video


Mark Albert of Hearst media interviewed me and other kids at r00tz Asylum about the election hacking.